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Chambers and The Vestiges of Creation

In analyzing The Vestiges of Creation, Robert Chambers’ uses the logical thinking of Evolution and the familiarity of creationism to explain the origin of the Earth and the progression of the Species. In today’s society the theories of Evolution and Creationism are generally viewed as complete opposites.  However, in his works, Chambers is able to mesh the two into one cohesive concept. Chambers presents several concepts to convey his perception of evolutionary change.  He does this first by analyzing the […]

Idols of the Marketplace and Lavoisier

Heralded as “the only true universal language”, Mathematics is a medium that has no ambiguity.  But why is it the “only” one of its kind.  It begins which preconceptions, preconceptions that alter ones understating of their language. These adaptations, as Bacon explains, are known as the Idols of the Marketplace.  “Formed by the reciprocal conversation and [the] society of man with man” (B, 81) the Idols of the Marketplace, in Bacons opinion, lead to generalities in language, which in turn […]

Baconian and Cartesian Philosophy

Much like a politician is described as being either Republican or Democratic, many scientists are viewed as being either philosophically Baconian or Cartesian. Each “party” has its own distinctive characteristics. These characteristics dictate the processes in which a scientist conducts their work. The Cartesian philosophy is reliant upon two things, deduction and intuition. Deduction, as Descrates defines it in The Discourse on the Method of Proceeding Rightly in the Sciences, is the acquiring of knowledge by building on the foundations […]

The Evolution of the theory Evolution

In today’s world Biology plays an important role.  It provides us with means to staying alive as well as the understanding of how we are alive and where we came from.  Our origins have been a question that’s eluded our knowledge since our conception. Many a scientists have embarked on the quest to understand our origin.  Over the centuries it seems as though we are getting closer to the answer.  A description of the process of the theory of Evolution […]

Buffon, Cuvier, and Chambers

  Buffon (George-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, 1707-1788), primary and secondary selections.[1] The Comte de Buffon was a contemporary of Linnaeus, and his great rival. From Buffon’s perspective, the Linnaean hierarchy suggested a common ancestry for all animals, and this Buffon found absurd. Buffon thus attributed evolutionary ideas to his opponent, even though Linnaeus (for the most part) flatly denied the possibility that species could change. Note that this selection includes original and secondary material. The Count of Buffon was […]

Vapor Pressure of a Pure Liquid

Abstract: The enthalpy of vaporization, entropy of vaporization at 298 degrees Kelvin, and the compressibility factor of Heptane were determined by measuring the vapor pressure of the liquid at varying temperatures.  The enthalpy of vaporization was 26.77 ± 0.52 (kJ/mol). The entropy of vaporization at 298 K was 89.8 ± 1.7 (J/K mol). The compressibility factor was 1.31. The literature value for the enthalpy of vaporization was 35.07 (kJ/mol). The literature value for the entropy of vaporization at 298 K […]