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Submission – Short Story

By: Mamta Gupta The Clouds welcomed the July monsoons with a thunderous sound. When the wild rain fell on the reopened earth, hope filled Laji, where wet rice had not. A farmer with money would visit her. It had been a week since a man had been under her dusty thatched roof. Sitting on her haunches in her red coarse sari, dark arms covered with a tattoo of goddess Sita, Laji cleaned the mud floors with a twig broom. Her […]

To Know Death – Short Story

By: Amaryliss White It carries her body through the night. You watch the thing as it slithers through alleys and around corners, feet touching stone but making no sound, red-tinged eyes darting around to make sure no one is watching. But it misses you. It may be the creature of the night, but you are the ruler of the hunt. Your body is frail compared to its; soft skin against brute strength, twenty years against hundreds, grit against wit. You […]

Called – Short Story

By Jen Armstrong Loud shrills blared as the lights flashed on and off.  In a moment of panic, she fell from the safety of her warm bed into the cold floor of her room with such force she would carry a bruise just above her eye for the next day or two.  The unpadded carpet jarred her into reality.  She was safe. Over the loud speakers, she heard, “Come on, Jess.  Let’s ride!”  The bright red fire engine was rolling […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Short Story

By: Ngozi Chukura   It is the dead of winter. I sing:  “Summertime/ And the living is easy/ Fish are jumping/ And the cotton is high/ Daddy’s rich/ And your/ Mama’s good looking So hush, little baby, don’t you cry…”   I don’t know the other lyrics. I sing in the dead of winter. I sing in a resonant, sonorous voice. As the words form in my mouth, and I push them out with my hot, moist breath, little clouds […]


By: Tony Dews Meg looked out of the window. Overnight the rain had given way to snow, enough to veil the world as far as you could see. At least as far as the barn anyways. Trees that had long lost their leaves were now coated with white down. The country that often looked like it had snowed when it hadn’t was a fulfilled promise. The winter birds were still active at the bird feeder as always; red cardinals—bright blood […]

Siblings For Sale – Short Story

By: Mpho Tlale The moon provided them with enough light to see into each other’s eyes. Just sitting there and watching the waves from the Atlantic Ocean was enough for Dineo.The lighthouse proved to offer a peace of mind. They had wished to relax by the beach shores to enjoy the view at a close range but the tide was high and it was chilly. Dineo noticed the difference between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. The Atlantic was more […]