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PR Scenario in India – A desperate cry for help! – Short Story

By: Parama Dasgupta On a cold Wednesday morning the office door burst open. The loud bang was more than enough to draw the attention of all the executives of the otherwise usually calm and quite Delhi office. The curious looks were met with a pair of narrow condescending eyes behind glasses. The office somehow felt colder… What followed next in this Delhi based PR Firm was a hurl of activities quite entertaining for an onlooker. As if by magic the branch […]

Out of the Darkness – Short Story

By: Diana Karanja   “Have a good day love.” The door banged shut. With it her brave face fell. A sudden unfair anger and resentment for Dean came over her. Nothing had changed for him. He could come and go as he pleased. He didn’t have to consult anybody. For a moment she hated her loving sweet husband for his freedom. Why did she have to be the one to make sacrifices? Sheila’s head fell forward and she gave in […]

One Take – Short Story

By: Mpho Tlale Tears freely flowed down her cheeks. Her hand reached down to wipe the wetness she felt trickling down her legs .She always made a plan not to come to school when she had her period. This time it caught her off guard. It stormed out of nowhere. There were still a few days left before it could make its monthly unwelcome guest appearance and disappear again after five days or so. Boitumelo felt dirtier than she had […]

Not Cow Tipping, Calf Smacking – Short Story

Katie Haskins was chubby. Ok, she was straight up fat. I marveled at the thickness of her calves and how they smacked against each other when she walked. I wondered if she purposely walked bow-legged just to get around. This was before the internet when kids actually played outside, when moms still had to contend with grass stains. “Fatkid” was in no way a blanket term to be spread over the student body like glaze on a doughnut. No, this […]

Married to an NRI Psychopath – Short Story

America, a land of dreams… a land of possibilities… a symbol of success. A place where the stars get lost in millions of gorgeous lights… and winds become a constant through the AC vents. A country that promises a golden fairytale of a future to all those who look up to it. Sure, it will startle you with all the twinkle and all the bubbly and all the fascinating ubercool life that you only dreamt of till now…but if you […]

Life After Death – Short Story

By: S.H. Pratt   With a huge yawn and a leisurely stretch, he opened his green eyes and a wide smile lit his rugged face, pulling his stubble and making it itchy.  The first thing he saw as he scratched his chin was the large poster he’d hung across from his bed the night before.  It was a breathtaking sunrise over some random stretch of craggy beach, which made him happy because he loved the sea, but he’d bought it […]