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Hello Stranger – Short Story

By: Faiqa Ahmad Life is very unpredictable. Things start to come your way when you are busy in handling other aspects of life or when you are focusing on other important matters. We all have experienced such confusion, where we go like “hey! That is not what I am looking for or better, ready for”. On one fine extremely cold winter night, Neha was rushing through the gardens and the mighty trees towards the comfort of her room. The wind […]

Girl with a Broken Smile – Short Story

By: Syeda Samara Mortada   She walks by memories of her past.  She has gone through plenty in her twenty something years. Her childhood was pretty perfect, at least it seemed like it at that point. She had it all: a doting dad, a mother to spoil her rotten and a sister to look after all her wants and needs. She smiles at her own image, the image of her when she was seven years old, but it is a […]

Fresh Cut Chemicals – Short Story

By:  John D. Barbee   Ever since Pen’s abortion, I’ve associated the smell of spearmint with death. There were a lot of smells in that lobby like cleaning chemicals and the harsh scent of cigarette smoke on other patients. But in the days leading up to the procedure, Pen made a nervous habit out of chewing spearmint gum. I can recall the incessant chomp, each smack another slobbery cue that something was wrong. She picked up her first pack from […]

Akabengo Komukama The Royal Grindstone – Short Story

By: MUSINGUZI RAY . R In Karambiland, that famous land of ironsmiths and herdsmen, lived a village chief called Kalisa Karuhinda, the great great grandson of Chief Kaihura Nkuba of the great Bahinda clan. Like his forefathers, Kalisa Karuhinda was a very famous man with great wealth in form of land and herds of cattle. He lived with his two wives. Kinobi, the Unlucky One, the first wife, who had managed only to produce one child. Kiganzi, the Loved One, […]

A Walk – Short Story

A Walk By: Sruti Nayani Whether on a warm summers day, or on a chilly winter morning, or even in the dark, rainy season, he always made his way into the busy marketplace. He would be up early in the morning, and while the day was still deciding what it would shower upon us today, whether it was rainy or sunny, he would get up and quickly get dressed, ready to step out into the rather hazy, shadowy morning.   […]

A Short Story by Christina Burris

By: Christina Burris High school is like a jungle. You have the lions and lionesses, aka the cheerleaders and the football players. Then you have the zebras and gazelles aka the nerds which are inevitably at the bottom of the food chain. Once you stray away from your herd into the den of the hunters, there’s no coming back. Imagine the high school cafeteria as the jungle. Each table represents a different pack or herd. The cheerleaders and football players […]